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About Us

About Us

The Asamaka Group of Companies is a fully-integrated organization with diverse business interests that span across North America and Africa. We’ve experienced rapid growth, providing services in the fields of Automotive, Power Generation, Waste Management, Industrial Manufacturing, and Real Estate. Our journey began over five years ago, driven by a vision to elevate industry standards through relentless innovation, enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and prioritizing safety for our clients, customers, and the public.

Who We Are

Asamaka Industries Ltd is a professional engineering company on a mission to set and raise the standards of excellence in Electrical Design and Controls Automation.

What We Do

Automation Solution Providers

Here at Asamaka Industries Ltd we pride ourselves on solving the difficult problems of our clients.

Consultation & Project Management

We offer the following Project Management Services

  • Initial Consultation and Problem Diagnosis
  • Program or Project Planning and Execution
  • Program or Project Timeline and Budget Planning
  • Process Improvement Strategies and Solutions
  • Project Cost Estimation and Valuation
  • Drawing and Software Management Solutions
  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Resource Management Solutions

Electrical Design

We offer the following services in Electrical Design

  • Develop and enhance new and current circuit solutions
  • Develop engineering projects analysis to include preliminary design, calculations, budget analysis, life cycle costs plus equipment selection
  • Power Distribution, Wiring Diagrams, I/O Schematics, Panel Layouts and Bills of Material
  • Forecast electrical control panel costs
  • Prepare specifications plus test requirements documents
  • 3D Panel Design
  • Evaluate engineering design and head project engineering design specific to electrical discipline.
  • Retrofit Designs for Machine Upgrades
  • Reverse Engineering for Missing Drawings and Programs
  • Provide technical support in design and development of electrical systems
  • Safety Designs for Hardwired and Controller Based Systems
  • ePLAN and AutoCAD Capabilities
  • Oversee the commissioning and testing of electrical systems.

Controls Automation

We offer the following services in Controls Automation

  • Develop process control strategies and standards to improve operational efficiency.
  • Develop new standards that incorporate the new/modified control system architecture.
  • Determine cost of engineering, labor, equipment and materials for process improvements.
  • Develop and execute automated manufacturing cells.
  • PLC & HMI Code Development & Implementation including Off Line Simulation
  • Standard and Safety PLC Integration
  • Vision Systems Installation and Integration
  • Upgrades to Legacy Systems and Equipment
  • Implementation of process control models, strategies, and other methods for ensuring quality output.

Robot Programming

We offer the following services in Robot Programming

  • Offline Robot Simulations
  • Pre-Site Code Development and Simulation
  • Out of the Box Setup and Testing
  • Site Programming and Teaching
  • DCS Setup and Programming
  • Robot Safety Testing and Validation
  • Material Handling, Welding, Sealants, Assembly and Destacker Systems

Startup & Commissioning

We offer the following Startup and commissioning services below

  • Equipment Installation Guidance and Supervision
  • Power-up Checks and System Validation
  • Network Configuration and Testing
  • Field Checks and I/O Verification
  • Controls System Debug
  • Electrical System Debug
  • Software Setup and Troubleshooting
  • Vision Inspection Systems
  • Instrumentation Setup and Calibration
  • Machine Operator Training Programs
  • Maintenance Training Programs
  • Controls Automation Specific Training Classes

System Maintenance and Process Improvements

We offer the following System maintenance and process improvement services below

  • Maintain Electrical Systems Including Hardware and Software Systems
  • Provide control system support for small capital projects
  • Increase Throughput & Uptime
  • Continuous Improvement Implementation
  • Process Review & Consultation

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Asamaka Industries Ltd is proud to work with and support some of the finest automation vendors & product lines in the industry. We are proud integrators of the best automation products and we strive to expand our portfolio to ensure we can supply & support the best products for our clients and customers equipment and automation needs now and into the future!


Why Go Automated?


Increase Safety

By replacing difficult dangerous or just simple monotonous work with robotics you can ensure that safety is also a top priority in your business.


Increase Productivity

Adding automation to your processes can increase production throughput by up to 20 times compared to standard labour. This means that your business will be able to fill purchase orders faster – creating an opportunity for more orders.


Increase Profitability

The one-time fee of purchasing and implementing a custom automated solution guarantees your retum on investment by perpetually saving on labour expenses-leaving more profits invested in your business.


Quick response and quality services with good technical knowledge

Hawks Automation

Harjit Singh

The engineering team at Asamaka Industries programmed our cotton header test stand and it has been a huge success since commissioning.

It is running and folding the cotton header just like a real tractor. It has been praised by the FA global manager, the Program Manager and the Thibodaux Manufacturing Engineering Manager. The team was dedicated to success of this project

John Deere

Asamaka provides a world class Automation and controls service. I have worked with them at GM Oshawa. They are very detail oriented, Well experienced and independent. I would recommend them if you require any automation solutions or system integration.

Atef Elsharkawy