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Consultation & Project Management

We offer the following Project Management Services

  • Initial Consultation and Problem Diagnosis
  • Program or Project Planning and Execution
  • Program or Project Timeline and Budget Planning
  • Process Improvement Strategies and Solutions
  • Project Cost Estimation and Valuation
  • Drawing and Software Management Solutions
  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Resource Management Solutions

Electrical Design

We offer the following services in Electrical Design

  • Develop and enhance new and current circuit solutions
  • Develop engineering projects analysis to include preliminary design, calculations, budget analysis, life cycle costs plus equipment selection
  • Power Distribution, Wiring Diagrams, I/O Schematics, Panel Layouts and Bills of Material
  • Forecast electrical control panel costs
  • Prepare specifications plus test requirements documents
  • 3D Panel Design
  • Evaluate engineering design and head project engineering design specific to electrical discipline.
  • Retrofit Designs for Machine Upgrades
  • Reverse Engineering for Missing Drawings and Programs
  • Provide technical support in design and development of electrical systems
  • Safety Designs for Hardwired and Controller Based Systems
  • ePLAN and AutoCAD Capabilities
  • Oversee the commissioning and testing of electrical systems.

Controls Automation

We offer the following services in Controls Automation

  • Develop process control strategies and standards to improve operational efficiency.
  • Develop new standards that incorporate the new/modified control system architecture.
  • Determine cost of engineering, labor, equipment and materials for process improvements.
  • Develop and execute automated manufacturing cells.
  • PLC & HMI Code Development & Implementation including Off Line Simulation
  • Standard and Safety PLC Integration
  • Vision Systems Installation and Integration
  • Upgrades to Legacy Systems and Equipment
  • Implementation of process control models, strategies, and other methods for ensuring quality output.

Robot Programming

We offer the following services in Robot Programming

  • Offline Robot Simulations
  • Pre-Site Code Development and Simulation
  • Out of the Box Setup and Testing
  • Site Programming and Teaching
  • DCS Setup and Programming
  • Robot Safety Testing and Validation
  • Material Handling, Welding, Sealants, Assembly and Destacker Systems

Startup & Commissioning

We offer the following Startup and commissioning services below

  • Equipment Installation Guidance and Supervision
  • Power-up Checks and System Validation
  • Network Configuration and Testing
  • Field Checks and I/O Verification
  • Controls System Debug
  • Electrical System Debug
  • Software Setup and Troubleshooting
  • Vision Inspection Systems
  • Instrumentation Setup and Calibration
  • Machine Operator Training Programs
  • Maintenance Training Programs
  • Controls Automation Specific Training Classes

System Maintenance and Process Improvements

We offer the following System maintenance and process improvement services below

  • Maintain Electrical Systems Including Hardware and Software Systems
  • Provide control system support for small capital projects
  • Increase Throughput & Uptime
  • Continuous Improvement Implementation
  • Process Review & Consultation