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Asamaka Industries Ltd is a fast growing organization currently offering services in the automotive industry. We provide Electrical Design and Control Automation Solutions for Press Controls, Body Shop, Closures, Destackers, Coil Feeders, Transfer Cells and various other custom machinery. We have integrated multiple robot lines, PLC’s, HMI’s and Vision Systems across different applications. We understand the unique challenges faced by automotive manufacturers and the high demands they have for safety, quality and process time and so we continue to work hard to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Power Generation

With the growing demand for power around the world, the need for safe, sustainable production and distribution methods has become a top priority.

Asamaka Industries Ltd offers services in the design and implementation of control systems in the Power Generation Industry. As we continue to grow we look to expand our services in providing industry standard design and installation of energy monitoring systems which help our clients save on energy and reduce cost on their power line systems.

Distribution, Packaging and Palletizing

Asamaka Industries Ltd understands that there is a growing demand for packaging and palletizing systems in just about every manufacturing environment. Our clients understand that the benefits of automating the packaging and palletizing functions of a production line can equate to huge cost-savings and significantly improved quality.

We offer services to our clients in both manufacturing and distribution to implement control solutions around their automated packaging and palletizing systems that offer the safety and flexibility required from working with all different shapes and sizes of products. From area safety scanners to RFID and barcode readers to vision guided robots we offer safe, flexible and reliable solutions you can count on.