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Asamaka Industries Ltd awarded Canada’s Top Solution Provider 2023 by Manufacturing Technology Insights.

Asamaka Industries Ltd awarded Canada’s Top Solution Provider 2023 by Manufacturing Technology Insights.

In recognition of their commitment to excellence in electrical design and control automation, Asamaka Industries Ltd has been honored as the top advanced manufacturing solution provider in Canada for 2023 by Manufacturing Technology Insights. Asamaka specializes in custom electric design and control system integration, offering end-to-end support to meet the evolving needs of the advanced manufacturing industry. Their solutions encompass process automation, panel design, machine safety compliance, PLC, HMI design, and vision systems programming. Leveraging industry-leading technologies, Asamaka ensures efficient, reliable, and safe processes that maximize client productivity and profitability.

The company addresses significant challenges faced by the advanced manufacturing sector, including outdated equipment, skilled trade shortages, limited automation, and increasing demands for product customization. By incorporating the latest industry 5.0 technologies in automation, control systems, AI, vision systems, and robotics, Asamaka provides tailored solutions to overcome these obstacles.

Chukwuka E Asamaka, founder and CEO of Asamaka Industries Ltd, emphasizes the importance of partnering with specialized organizations to facilitate cutting-edge technologies and best practices, enabling clients to stay ahead of the competition. Utilizing simulation software and advanced analytics, Asamaka optimizes production processes and implements continuous improvement methods.

Recognizing the need for knowledge transfer and skill development, Asamaka offers comprehensive training programs in collaboration with colleges, universities, and STEM organizations. By providing onsite training for unskilled individuals, the company bridges the skill gap in the advanced manufacturing space and contributes to industry growth.

Sustainable development is a critical focus for Asamaka Industries Ltd. Through close collaboration with clients, the company identifies opportunities to reduce environmental footprints, optimize manufacturing processes, and implement energy-efficient technologies.

With a talented team of experts boasting deep electrical design and control system integration expertise, Asamaka ensures attention to detail and guarantees solutions that meet the highest performance, safety, and reliability standards. Their commitment to supporting clients at every project stage solidifies their reputation as a reliable partner.

Asamaka’s success is exemplified by their ability to deliver tangible results. One notable example includes successfully addressing a client’s legacy control system issues, reducing downtime, increasing production, and improving safety measures through collaboration with a strategic partner and advanced design software implementation.

Beyond their business achievements, Asamaka Industries upholds values of sustainability and philanthropy. They invest in the community by supporting local charities and organizations that positively impact people’s lives.

Asamaka Industries Ltd continues to expand the scope of existing technologies, delivering personalized solutions that drive client success. Their recognition as Canada’s top advanced manufacturing solution provider in 2023 by Manufacturing Technology Insights further validates their commitment to empowering the industry and driving innovation.

For full details visit: Asamaka Industries Ltd – Advanced Manufacturing Canada Solutions/Service Company (manufacturingtechnologyinsights.com)

  • POSTED: June 19, 2023
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